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William and Sly Guide/Walkthrough

2009-07-17 23:37:09 by Wylina

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William and Sly - 220 Points, 7 Medals

Ah, a beautiful game featuring a beautiful creature, a fox.

A simple platformer with no way to die. Instead you earn a time bonus for how long it takes you to complete the the game.

- 5 Points
Find the wings.
You won't find them until about 2/3 of the way into the map which is a long time. You'll see it when you see it. To get your wings, sit on the pedestal between the two trees in the pantheon thingy for about 20 seconds and a notice should pop-up saying you have found them.

Turn off the rain.
In-game, move your cursor to the 'M' in the bottom right of the screen and do your magic!

DOMINUS LUX - 10 Points
Slay five darklings.
If you didn't read the instructions, to slay a darkling you must first activate a runestone. After activating you will have white magic power for a limited time with which you can go slay those pesky darklings.

DEVIATION - 25 Points
Unlock all boxes and switches.
See map below.

RESOLUTION - 25 Points
Complete the game.
Just find and activate all runestones.

Find all of the mushrooms.
See map below.

SLY FOX - 100 Points
Earn more than 35,000 points.
You will have to complete the game as fast as possible while also getting all items and killing as many darklings as you can in order to get a time bonus. Best way to achieve this is to collect all fairyflys you see and run through the map activating all runestones with the exception of the boss one while killing darklings on the way. It is important to kill the darklings as they provide 1000 points each. While you are waiting for more fairyflys to spawn, go and collect mushrooms. After activating the 12 stones, go back and collect the mushrooms. You do not need every single one to get over 35k but the more the better.

SpeedRun Base Plan - Not THE best route but a suitable one
by EggSaladSandwich

/* */
- Plan where you want to go to use your white magic on darklings before activating a rune.
- If you are stuck, jump and move left or right.
- A lot of hidden pathways (caves) are one way only (you can exit out one side but can't reenter through that side)
- Switches activate the bridges.
- You need your wings to collect all mushrooms and access certain areas.
- If you need to pause the game, just go back to the main menu. This is important since you can plan your next step to keep your time down.
- More to come.

Boss Tip: The boss will alternate from top to bottom. Two swipes on top then two on bottom and repeats. Avoid and collect accordingly. You cannot die.

Boss Battle Video

/* */
Use the full-size map.
Link to full-size stacked map

Yellow = Keys
Pink = Mushrooms
Light Blue = Darklings
Orange = Switches
Brown = Chests (Mushroom count is indicated above each chest by the amount of pink)

Hidden Pathways are in a slightly different shade of grey and many are one way.


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2009-07-18 01:47:32



2009-07-18 03:16:47



2009-07-18 04:46:49

not bad, not bad...if only the map was a bit less pixely...but l know you didn't make it, so yeah...

Wylina responds:

Even if I made the main part of the map, it would probably look similar due to the map being so large.


2009-07-18 06:12:38

Nevermind - you're only missing the one darkling I mentioned. It's fairly hard to get to quickly enough to kill it.

I wound up with 32988 taking a ridiculous amount of time, collecting all the mushrooms and killing all but one darkling (the one I mentioned). So collecting and killing everything seems to be the way to go


2009-07-18 07:49:49

Thanks man


2009-07-18 14:24:05

Your switch colors are the same as the mushrooms. I zoomed in 400 percent in photoshop and.. still couldn't tell. :)

Wylina responds:

No they aren't. There a greyish shade of purple. I'll change it anyways since its pretty hard to to see.


2009-07-18 17:11:16

how do i kill darklings 0.o

Wylina responds:



2009-07-18 17:15:12

Thanks a lot!

Without that map I would probably be searching those two last mushrooms forever.


2009-07-19 01:59:59

I still can't find the other two switches. Found the Swan bridge switch (btw it isn't shown on your map there), but I have no clue where the others are.

Wylina responds:

You should really use the full-size map its the most updated one and its bigger.


2009-07-19 12:40:05

this really helped me out albeit i cant get to the first switch. copared to them pa its the one right at the beginning of the second part, on a pedestal, no matter how much i jump i cant get to it.

Wylina responds:

You need your wings


2009-07-20 15:41:50



2009-07-22 18:30:32

how do you get the chests in the boss room?


2009-07-22 20:16:59

You can also get Sly Fox Medal if you collect all the mushrooms and kill all the darklings even if is almost impossible (killed 13). For the comment above me you canĀ“t get the boss chest they are open and empty.


2009-07-25 04:21:53

thanks wylo!!! could have done it without you... but its a hell of alot nicer when your on board! *lots of love legolaSS* :3


2009-08-07 07:15:28

gah, I've got all but one of the mushrooms and now I can't be arsed to re-sweep the whole map.

Ah well...


2009-08-09 04:53:23

How do I kill darklings? they just steal my fairys

Wylina responds:

See Dominus Lux medal info above.


2009-08-23 23:07:19

i just cant seem to get to that sun. no matter how hard i try. but im going to keep trying.

Wylina responds:

Sun? Talking about Toss the Turtle?


2010-08-16 00:44:28

I can't find the hidden chest :( Where would it be exactly?


2010-11-23 02:05:34

Thanks wylina, helped out a lot.